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Are you a Performer?

Male performers are respectful of female performers at all times,
models sometimes have restrictions that performers do not!
We bridge the gap and make sure all required information is available including STI check, Criminal Records Check and keeping I.D on record.
We must comply with U.S record keeping law if you do not want your content available in Canada.
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Are You a Model?

Models are artists who are comfortable with nude photography but not necessarily participating in adult themed videos.
Female & Male Models typically have more restrictions than typical adult video actors.

Real People, Real Results

I was always shy with girls and never seen myself as a male performer.
I now make easily $1000 a video and honestly it's a dream come true!
I Set my own hours and quit my job at Subway!
I now make triple what I did working 40 hours a week
and maybe now work 5 hours a month!

Hamza Vasquez

I was making $100 or so on Craigslist responding to sketchy ads until I met Tony and Adult Film Stars! Now I easily Make $250-$500 per video and I am working weekly instead of once every couple months.
The best part is I no longer have to seek out work, I just check my email or get a text and I have new work! It's the best!

Kailyn Carpenter

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