Q: How do I get paid?
A: 2 ways:
Direct Deposit (48 hours after performance) into a Canadian Bank
Cash (Every 2 weeks) Payouts are on the 1st and 15th of each month, cutoff dates are the 14th and 30th.

Q: What is the difference between a contractor and a direct?
A: Direct refers to Direct Hire, in other words, we work with you and pay you directly.
Contractor refers to being signed on as an independent contractor, someone who makes their own content using our guidance and sometimes our direct hires for their projects.

Q: Why does it take 48 hours to get paid by direct deposit?
A: We have to review the content produced to be sure it fits our standards and review all relevant I.D and documentation to approve the project and release payment. If the scene is rejected, you would go back into the filming phase and get paid for all hours worked once the project has been approved.

Q: What Are Your Standards?
A: We Operate on 3 primary standards:
1 ) HD Content - We Only offer High Quality HD content to our distribution partners.
2) Ethics - We always comply with our Models/Actors restrictions (Never go out of your comfort zone!)
3) Record Keeping - We Keep I.D, Criminal Record Checks and STI records confidential and on-file.

Q: Will People in Canada see my video / photo's?
A: It depends on the project and if that is a concern of yours.
We generally can block Canada as a country for viewing our content if required.

Q: What do you pay to start?
A: Rates start at $200 an hour and go up from there, 
This is a floor, not a ceiling and your only limit to earning potential is availability and restrictions.